General Peter Pace Calls Gays “Immoral”

It’s a regular war Washington. As Representative Marty Meehan and Soldier Eric Alva lead the battle against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, General Peter Pace – chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – holds military ground. Speaking with Chicago Tribune editors and other reporters, Pace upheld the discriminatory law’s moral legitimacy:

I believe homosexual acts between two individuals are immoral and that we [the military] should not condone immoral acts… I do not believe the United States is well served by a policy that says it is OK to be immoral in any way.

As an individual, I would not want [acceptance of gay behavior] to be our policy, just like I would not want it to be our policy that if we were to find out that so-and-so was sleeping with somebody else’s wife, that we would just look the other way, which we do not. We prosecute that kind of immoral behavior.

According to Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, which promptly sent out a press release condemning Pace’s comments, an estimated 65,000 gays currently serve in the military. Pace’s comments are “outrageous, insensitive and disrespectful,” says executive director C. Dixon Osburn. Osburn continues,

As a Marine and a military leader, General Pace knows that prejudice should not dictate policy. It is inappropriate for the Chairman to condemn those who serve our country because of his own personal bias. He should immediately apologize for his remarks.

Osburn also insists that Secretary of Defense Robert Gates should publicly admonish Pace.

We’re not holding our breaths – we’re too captivated by Pace’s outrageous outfit. Seriously, he looks like a fucking fascist faggot or some shit.

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  • Sam Jones

    First of all this guy was brought up believing something so ancient and stupid that was man written, give him that. But he should know better as to what type of issue this really is. There are 100,000 soliders that are serving our country fighting for our freedom. He should immediately resign his post.

  • ChristopherM

    So the military now lets in folks with criminal records, but we’re the immoral ones that have to be excluded? These people are delusional! No wonder we’re losing the war so badly!

  • Paul Raposo

    General Pace went on to say, “But killing dudes in other countries is SO FUCKING AWESOME! Yeah!”

  • nystudman

    He’s allowed to believe whatever he wants, but to make his personal beliefs public policy — and this guy is running the Armed Forces. No wonder we can’t beat some piddly-shit little desert country with an idiot like this in charge.

  • Tom

    Marines are not now, nor have they ever been known for their intellect. They’re fanatics who do as they’re told. Many men join the Marines to prove their masculinity to themselves and others. It is perhaps the most “homoerotic” of all the services, all those manly men doing manly things in a manly way-with men!

    General Pace is clearly a bigot. Similar arguments were posed when Roosevelt wanted to integrate the armed forces. Almost all the arguments now used were used then, just replace “homosexual” with “negro”. Pace is a disgrace. I lost a great deal of respect for the Marines after Oliver North. They have done little to redeem themselves in my eyes.

  • Ryan

    Sorry but someone has got to draw the line somewhere. Homosexuality is immoral. And the Marines are not fanatics that do what their told. They serve their country better than most citizens here in America.

  • James

    Right on Gen. Pace. Its suppose to still be a free county to say what you want. More people should voice their beliefs about this lifestyle. Seems like he hit a true nerve here. Its about time this is stopped being shoved in everyone’s face and forced to believe that its ok.

  • Marvin

    Barry M Goldwater, former senator, said;
    The conservative movement, to which I subscribe, has as one of its basic tenets the belief that government should stay out of people’s private lives. Government governs best when it governs least – and stays out of the impossible task of legislating morality. But legislating someone’s version of morality is exactly what we do by perpetuating discrimination against gays [in the military].”

    General Pace would serve the Armed Forces well if he were as equally passionate about fighting for the legislation of “liberty and justice for all” as he is in defending a discriminatory policy as DADT.
    The U.S. Armed Forces have, to their credit, often led the rest of the country in the field of human rights.

    1. The U.S. Armed Forces helped to eliminated racial discrimination against African-Americans- when many religious and secular organizations were supporting a “separate but equal” mind set based on moral convictions.

    2. U.S. Armed Forces accepted women as equals to men in all but certain hazardous classifications at a time when women were heavily discriminated against. This discrimination fueled by moral convictions based on religious teachings that reduced women to second class citizens.

    The General Paces of our Armed Forces have once again drawn a discriminatory based “moral line” in the sand over the issue of sexual orientation. The majority of American adults favor an end to discrimination for gays and lesbians. The Armed Forces, with its’ General Pace mentality, do not allow sexually active, openly gay, service members to proudly serve our country in the Armed Forces.

    The pursuit of justice and liberty for all cannot be subjugated to discriminatory policies based on religious bias.

  • Al

    I don’t get it when the military is losing recuits since this stupid war and then say being gay is immoral and they’ll prosecute? What the fuck is all of that about?

    Recently, a study was done recently about the military and how fit our servicemen are. Quite a few are pretty overweight. Yeah … I want a fatty defending me while he’s catching his breath running a couple meters.

  • C.L.McLeod

    You queers don’t like hearing the truth do you???

  • Paul Raposo

    Ah sweet, all the uniform queens are coming out of the closet to defend General Pace. Hot!

  • haha

    Hey #6, does that include the closeted Marines?

  • C.L.McLeod

    I did my time in the Air Force back in the sixties…Have you..??? Always like the ladies too…

  • michael albert

    I love how “we” (as a country) worry about such “importnat issues as gays in the military or gay marriage or even abortion. How are nay of these issues even slightly important? The country is going into bankruptcy. Halliburton has ties to Iran and Bush probably owns 10% of the company. This fight is over oil and we are just letting people die. The world is slowly but surely warming up and soon enough the toll taken from Global Warming will be more visible then ever. People are starving all over, 1,000,000s of people and we can’t help them? Big businesses are basically slave factories, producing most products outside the US at pennies on the dollar, raping the profits for themselves and paying labor nothing. Even in America, we have enormous companies paying wages that aren’t even enough to live, ehile the company losses money and the CEO still takes home 50 million each year. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Greg Azar

    Thank You Peter Pace for having the courage and resolve to stand up and speak out on the matter of homosexuality. Homosexuality is a wrong, it’s a mental disorder and homseuals should be treated accordingly. This country needs more leaders like you. America was founded on the principles of the Bible and we will never truly be free until we return to Christianty and make Jesus the leader of our lives and make Christians the leaders of our country. God bless you Peter Pace and God bless President Bush.

    1 Cor. 6:9-11

  • Tom

    No. 15
    “Man will never truly be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”- Diderot. You religious freaks who believe all that flying spaghetti monster crap make me want to puke. Talk about having something rammed down your throat on a daily basis, that’s the story of religion in this country. A country that is plagued by more hate, greed, intolerance, murder and violence than almost any other developed nation on the planet. It’s been my experience that the more religious someone is, the more mentally screwed up they are. It’s just too bad that Nero ran out of li0ns and didn’t put an end to the Christianity cult before it had a chance to do all the damage to the world it has done.

    Gays serve in the military everyday and always have. Many more enlightened nations allow gays to serve openly with no problems. Some of the baddest Marines I ever served with were gay and combat decorated veteran’s.

    You probably work with and maybe even for gay people and don’t know it because they are forced by your hate and intolerence to live a lie. If every homosexual turned green overnight, you’d probably be shocked and maybe even a little green around the gills yourself.

    And No. 13, I spent a couple of years with the grunts of the 3rd Marine Division from ’67 to ’69 and served in RVN, too. Did another 4 years in the reserves while attending college. Oh, and I have an Honorable Discharge. So what’s your point, asshole?

  • Greg Azar

    Only those that are guilty of being homosexual are offended by the Generals comment. Disagreeing and being offended are two entirely different emotions.

    Throw a rock into a pack of dogs and the only ones that will holler are those that get hit.

    You think it’s wrong to attack homosexuals but it’s ok to attack Christians?

    What’s wrong with your mind? Probably the same disorder that makes you gay.

    Help for your problem is available and it’s free.

    And yes Tom…God even loves you.

  • Darlene Steinemann

    I would like to see an investigation into Gen Peter Pace’s life. I doubt very seriously he has led a perfect life and has not been immoral at least once in his life. Just becasue he is a General that does not give him the right to judge what is and is not immoral. I thought Jesus/God had the final say on immorality and I don’t think the General however important he thinks he is has had any personal conversations with either. IT is not human’s place to judge another, it is God’s job to do that. What about the 5th commandment “Thou shall not kill” – it does not read unless your govt orders you too. I beleive murder in any name is immoral.

  • Greg Azar

    Darlene. While your heart is in the right place you do not fully understand what you are talking about. The commandment reads ” Thy Shalt Not Murder” Killing and murder are not the same. And while James 4:11 addresses judging others you need to understand that God passed down this judgement in 1 Cor. 6: 9-11 God says it’s wrong…we are just repeating God’s law. I am not judging Gay people. I am tell you that God is judging them and what he says about it.

  • DS


    rather than argue about what the bible or Commandments say, I figure I should just clobber you with this enlightened tidbit of information:

    It’s not real.

  • Tom

    Perhaps Greg is the real faerie here, since he believes in “faerie tales”. Sorry, buddy but your bible was written by ignorant old men, none of whom met or knew Jesus personally. Everything was written many, many years after the fact and many parts of “the good book” contradict themselves. But, I don’t have to prove god doesn’t exist, it’s for you to prove he does.

    Go have a pork sandwich, while wearing your clothes of blended fabric and tell me all about Leviticus. Dolt. You need the therapy, and it’s usually not free until you blow up an abortion clinic or molest an alterboy. Oh, I’m sure you’ll probably want to tell me that you’re not perfect, just forgiven.

    And what are you doing cruising a gay message board anyway? It’s better to light a cnadle in your closet than to curse the darkness. Jesus loves you too, for $500, he’s a cute little hispanic hustler working South Beach.

  • Jeffrey Darmstadt

    Even the Pooh Bear knows you don’t eat out the of trash can. You eat out of the honey pot! The operative word for straight feelings about acts that homosexuals engage in is not Phobia ( Fear ),,,it is DISGUST. The word Integrety describes one who is a Whole person ( Not spelled HOLE as they would have you believe) and the greatest enemy to truth is a half truth. Their operative dilemma is they confuse LOVE with LUST. Their half truth is that homosexuals should be applauded to the degree they exibit love for one another, but condemned for their depraved Lust, which degrades their human spirit. Love enlightens and raises man up. Lust depraves and lowers us back to the level of animals. Whatever degrades one human soul, indeed degrades the collective soul of the nation.

  • Tom G

    General Pace should resign his post immediately. Stating his immoral personal beliefs when asked about the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy reveals his serious lack of good judgment and character. He is unfit as a leader and should not be at the helm of our forces.

  • Greg Azar

    The Bible is obviously not real in your life. It is in mine.

    I agree we shouldn’t argue about the Bible because if I argue with an idiot you will just drag me down to your level and beat me up with experience.

    I wasn’t cruising a gay site…I googled Peter Pace and got your gay site in my face.

    You all need something possitve in your lives…only not HIV possitive.

    If you’re gay you are a wrong and you are not mentally strong enough to admit it. Hence…you have amental idsorder.

  • magnsyn

    Wow…its good to see bigotry is alive and well in the good ole US of A. I have yet to see any well thought out argument s about why gays shouldn’t be allowed to serve. The argument of the bible says its bad is fairly retarded as the bible also endorses slavery, infanticide, beating of wife and children, genocide and host of other things we today consider abhorrent. Not to mention the condemning of eating pork, shellfish, wearing of mix fibered clothing and all that jazz… Now I wonder..if my brother dies does that mean I own his wife and his kids?….I mean…that would be kinda cool, she’s a pretty good cook, but I’d probably have to smack her around a bit b/c she talks back alot. It would be an oddity to actually see Christians follow Christ and stop being judgmental moralizing assholes who try and legislate their morality on others when even their founder recognized the separation of church and state.

  • kevoon

    Im gay. Im also disgusted with just about every gay person in this forum. He (the general) did not make one of what i would call hatefull remark. Is it freedom you people here believe or Freedom just for YOU?!?!? Why would they even want to tollerate you when you are so damn intollerant of them!!! Cant he think it’s immoral? And at the same time tollerate it? NO! Cuz we seem to be Americas favorite little pet right now, and most of us are becomeing spoiled little lap dogs. If you say one bad thing about me im tellin’ whah. Damn big babies. How in the hell does this bother you? Because you are like most other people YOU HATE!! Thats right, YOU HATE!! You hate anyone who disagree’s with you! and now you HATE me because im not the right kind of gay. I dont give a crap what anyone thinks (and that’s strength) Bitching all the time is what spoiled little kids and lap dogs do! Spit on you little babies grow up! live your damn life let go of the dream that everyone will love you. In other words join the fucking human race!!

  • Tom

    Wow, I Googled Peter Pace and never saw anything about this website, at least not on the first page, so I guess it wasn’t in your face, huh? I’m glad the bible is real in your life, you need some reality. I think you also need a little honesty. I’m sure you’ve got the bible in one hand and your pecker in the other and you just sit there and scream, “oh god, oh god, oh god!” and then maybe a little climatic, “praise Jesus!”. Maybe you should give Rev. Haggard a call, he knows how to put the fear of god in you. Really.

    You may not have been crusising a gay site (which your Google excuse gives lie to), but you decided to stick around, post an entry and still hang around and post somemore. Must be something here you like. Still sounds to me that you’re a self-loathing fag and is looking to the bible and all that god crap to keep you away from your real desire, man.

    And then there’s you’re snide, hateful little HIV positive crack. Too bad more heterosexuals suffer from HIV than gays, and many of them are bible thumping evangelicals. Yeah, HIV positive, there’s a lot of Christian love in you, you sad, pathetic and morbid little creature.

    And I might suggest if you like Peter (Pace) so much and since we’re so short on folks who want to join the Marines, you might consider putting on a uniform. And by the way, they won’t ask, so you won’t have to tell. It must suck being you.

  • kevoon

    Christians follow Christ and stop being judgmental moralizing assholes…???????

    You have to be kidding right? Wasnt your entire post basically you being a judgmental moralizing asshole??? But as i said. It’s ok for you, just not them…

  • kevoon

    even their founder recognized the separation of church and state.

    Um If this was sooo damned important to our “forefathers” Why exactly was it left out of the constitution?? And who exactly do you mean by Founder?? look it up, it’s alot less impressive than you think.

  • Tom

    Jesus recognized seperation of church and state when he instructed his followers to “render unto God that which is God’s and unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s”. Additionally, the founding fathers of this country were Deists and several were in fact agnostics or even atheists, most notably Thomas Jefferson.

    The Constitution was a committee effort and a lot was left out either by error or intention, thus the ability to permit the document to be amended. In addition, after the Constitution was written the “Bill of Rights” was added.

    If god works for you, fine. Your relationship with god is your business and I don’t want to be forced to live my life according to many of the Bible’s archaic and just plain wrong ideas.

  • Paul Raposo

    michael albert, I get a kick out of people like you. You want to change the world, but do nothing in your own backyard. You ever heard the saying, “I don’t want to change the world, just my small corner of it”? Change your corner and then work on the rest of the world. The time you spend chatising GLBT’s who want equality, you could be helping us.

  • Paul Raposo

    Greg Azar, I know God loves me. But I talked to him last night and he REALLY hates you. You should have hear the nasty things he said about you and what you used to do in the bathroom when you thought He wasn’t looking. Yikes!

  • Paul Raposo

    kevoon, you’ve come here before telling us how gay you are and then proceed to trash gays. You’re either lying, or a very lonely, angry man. Let’s face it, kevoon, the gays you’re trashing will love you more and care for you better then Gen. Pace ever will.

  • paul

    Paul your an ASS! point one single comment in which i trash Gays. Typical dickhead has to put words in my mouth. I am gay asshole and i dont have to prove it to you! See this is the problem. If i disagree with you, you cant even believe im gay!! jeezuz wept!!! You are a Nazi sir! You cant even tollerate another gay person who disagree’s with you. You have made my point!! Thanks

  • kevoon

    Oh yeah and i never told anyone exactly “How gay i am”…You are an idiot!! Or a 13 year old..One or the other. You must be a liberal. You use the same tactics as they do… I will tell you this. I am GAY and i am Conservative (not republican and i can’t stand Bush). So now you have real reason to hate me. So commence Hate

  • Joe Santaniello

    I reached this site as a resut of searching for General Pace’s E-mail address. I wanted to congratulate him for exercising his free speech and stating his beliefs.

    General Pace has a right to express his views about any subject he chooses. Had he said homosexuality was morally acceptable almost all the comentators I’ve read at this site would be throwing their arms around him instead of vilifying him. The problem with this country is free speech is no longer free and political correctness reigns. God bless General Pace and those who like him who still have the courage to hold true to their beliefs, and refuse to be bullied into accepting a view being shoved down their throats, and which is morally reprehensible to them.

    Furthermore, his beliefs do not constrain him in any way from leading our military forces. Name one policy he has espoused that runs hinders his position and counter to the laws of the United States.

  • DS

    [“I am gay asshole and i dont have to prove it to you! See this is the problem. If i disagree with you, you cant even believe im gay!! jeezuz wept!!! You are a Nazi sir!”]

    [“The operative word for straight feelings about acts that homosexuals engage in is not Phobia ( Fear ),,,it is DISGUST. The word Integrety describes one who is a Whole person ( Not spelled HOLE as they would have you believe)”]

    Can we have a literacy test required for posting responses? I mean, I’m all about equal access to information and I understand the inequities in education in this country…

    …but seriously, if you write that poorly, your comprehension skills must really fucking blow. Thank you for proving, once again, that the majority of you ‘thumpers and troglodytes aren’t even capable of the higher level thinking needed to even engage in this argument.

  • lucy wheeler

    Good for you General Pace,
    Homosexual acts are immoral just as adultery. You made the point correctly.
    Please do not apologize for giving your beliefs on immoral conduct. You have a right and so do many of us americans who are being silenced. we will not be silenced. we will keep repeating that homosexual acts are immoral no matter how many famous people practice it. It will naver be accepted by people of moral values. whatever the policy is of the military people who serve have the right to express their opinion.

  • kevoon

    DS I think the english comp forums are missing you. Do you have nothing to say on the topic? Crawl back into your hole and die!! That comment was for calling me an asshole. You name calling pompous ass. Its not an test. You know there should be an asshole test for this site aswell. You would surely fail.

  • Greg Azar

    Tom, Here’s what Google returned. Are you unable to read?
    General Peter Pace Calls Gays “Immoral” / QueertyGeneral Peter Pace Calls Gays “Immoral”. Suggests Prosecution for Sissy Soldiers … Advertisement. Welcome to Queerty. The gay blog. Email your editors! … – Mar 13, 2007 – Similar pages

  • Kathryn Pearson

    How sad that people cannot just accept others rather than criticising and being full of hatred. Peter Pace, you are immoral because you criticise your fellow humans for being something you have no understanding of. A good life requires tolerance, NOT hatred.

  • Rowen

    Ok, let me get this straight. . . Jesus was pretty clear on how he viewed divorce (don’t do it), public prayer (showing off is not prayer), and morally condemning other people (don’t do it) but said nothing about homosexuality. To be a “mainstream” Christian today, you basically have to be for public prayer, don’t care too much about divorce, and loudly and often do your best to distance yourself from those who are “morally inferior,” often using mistranslated parts of the bible. . .

    In a more secular view, sure, Pace has every right to hold whatever view he wants, but he is also in a very public position. I’m not saying he dosen’t have a right to free speech, but just look at the news. If he had said the word “nigger” plenty of people would be up in arms, and very few would be defending his “free speech.” If he had said he was morally opposed to people who’ve been divorced and believes they shouldn’t be serving, again, population up in arms. ( Frankly, I think he would have a stronger biblical and “moral” case for being against divorcees then gays. No one has really brought a strong case against gays other then “ick”.) As plenty of people have found out, with power comes responsibility. Too bad the American governing system seems to repeatedly not want to learn that lesson.

  • C.L.McLeod

    To #16…This asshole as you refer to me has only shit come out of it and nothing going in as you queers seem to relish… #13

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