geO Louis Heats Up Pop—And Your Computer Screen


We love it when we can help a rising star get a little attention. And, if that means you benefit, too, all the better. So, when singer/songwriter geO Louis turned up on the Swish Edition this week we did some digging—and the kid is hot.

You’ll see what we mean from the photos above, but we also want you to check out his pop/rock music. With infectious tracks like “Over & Over” and “Work,” geO is taking his home base of New York City by storm, performing at hot spots like Splash.

Below, listen to a short chat with geO on this week’s Swish Edition,which also features the aforementioned songs (available on iTunes) and an interview with gay Canadian funny man Scott Thompson of The Kids In the Hall fame.


The Swish Edition podcast


Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. As you read this, he’s on his way to the super-gay Camp 2011 in the Pennsylvania mountains. He’s sure to have tales to tell next week.

Photos via geO Louis