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    Screw the old drinking stories………Eva see a dude totally jacked on blow? Check out some of the pics of GW the last couple ‘o years in office………….


  • reason

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: That was one of the most ironic moments of his presidency. For those not aware of the story behind the picture, Bush was over in China but couldn’t escape the domestic squabble over having no exit strategy in Iraq. Shortly after he address the issue he tries to leave the stage, of course going the wrong way, and in a moment of terror finds that he can’t exit.

    I am not to fond of the way Bush handled his job, but I will be buying the book. I also think it is a bit classless to chastise the president on his drinking habit. I personally think it was a great moment of strength in his life to quit alcohol and set his life on a different path. I think it is a testament that no matter what challenges one faces, through strength of character they can overcome and prevail. I think it is the particular message that we should be sending to the gay children that are committing suicide at an alarming rate, no mater how difficult the challenges are they can be overcome. A brighter future lay ahead if one fights for it. What a different country we would be living in if everyone took that message to heart and put it in practice.

  • Theo

    I don’t need to know anything more about or from this man. I have enough of him.


    @reason: My reference was that there was a good deal of talk that during the last years of his presidency he actually went back to his drinking and drugging ways……………

    Many times myself and others (who lets say are kinda sorta in the know) picked up on the nuances in his speach patterns and facial tics that would more than indicated this was true………

  • Soupy

    I misunderestimated him.

  • Pip

    “Decision Points” hahaha that title alone completely brings me back. this man is a pure moron.

  • Fitz

    You must be the most self hating of self hating fagotry if you can find anything to esteem in this man.

  • easyguy

    Don’t bother buying it now. You’ll find it in the dollar store soon enough.

  • ewe

    What a con artist. One need only take a look in his eyes to know no one is home. Selfish, narcissistic, warped. He is a disturbing ego fiend.

  • reason

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: Well I was referencing the truth behind the picture. In this particular shot he was actually joking after the initial shock of finding that he couldn’t get out. Your assertion that he went back to drinking and using drugs is incorrect. If you are referring to his movements and motions you were actually picking up on some nuances of Texas culture. No not all Texans are on drugs. His half smirks and facial movements were signs of folksiness not substance interactions. Although I wish he gets busted for drugs, if you view Rick Perry, also others that try to play it up, you might arrive at the same conclusion. I guess I wouldn’t expect someone that is not sufficiently cosmopolitan (most northerns I know like to skip over southern states) to know that, but your conclusion was still slightly amusing. Not to be coy, but with your kinda in the know I hope for your sake that you are speaking of past indiscretions and not current indulgences.

    “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on”.


  • Matt

    Someone should ask this fuck head (in one of his book interviews) if he feels any remorse for elevating the gay hate mongering and promoting anti-gay agendas that are causing kids to kill themselves. This guy is a discrase to the American people and even more so the state of Texas!

  • Cung Vo

    I don’t know how rich he is now. But I see he put the US money in the pocket of weapon makers. Now US citizen must pay the debt until their third generation.

  • Meher Zaman

    Must we know more about Bush? Like he hasn’t already utterly destroyed his political career or any career whatsoever.

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