George Conway asks followers for Trump 2024 campaign slogans and they show no mercy

Kellyanne Conway‘s much better half George Conway has dialed up his Trump trolling to eleven since the FBI conducted a raid on Mar-a-Lago Monday as part of an investigation into the alleged mishandling of presidential records, including classified documents.

Here are just a few of his Tweets this week:

Now the attorney has enlisted his followers for help coming up with potential slogans for Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, and Twitter did not disappoint.

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Conway started things off with his own idea — “Take the Fifth 440 Times and Fight” — referencing the number of times Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination during a civil lawsuit deposition on Wednesday in New York.

While it’s not a slogan per se, George Takei responded:

More comments quickly rolled in, like this play on former President Ronald Regan’s 1984 slogan, “It’s morning in America again.”

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Here are some of the other suggestions:

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