George Mavety’s Noble Cause Behind Creating a Bunch of Skin Rags for Gay Men

[flv: 650 320]

(The above video is NSFW, as it shows porn magazines.)

Aside from the irony of a gay porn magazine company that’s shrinking its own offerings reporting on another gay porn magazine company that went bust, we rather liked Unzipped‘s vignette about Mavety Media Group, which closed up shop in May and shuttered Mandate, Torso, Honcho, Inches, and Playguy.

Founder George Mavety, who was straight, also published rags like Juggs. But he went into the gay market for two reasons: 1) To make some sweet, sweet cash; and 2) Because he felt the gays deserved their own quality porn rag, like Playboy. Now how honorable is that?