George Michael Blames Elton John

George Michael is about ready to be crowned “biggest mess of 2006” and it’s only April. But rather than recognize that maybe he just needs someone to drive him home once in a while, he is blaming Elton John for his problems. In 2004, Elton said that George was in “strange place,” and that he should be out promoting himself more.

Elton John George Michael feud angry

Michael’s interpretation: “The subtext to it is ‘well, he was all right before he came out and now he lives this depraved gay life and he’s miserable and fat.’ ”

Oh George, we don’t think you’re fat, just old. And we hope you’re not miserable. But please take ownership if your cracked out ways rather than trying to explain them like this: “Elton said he thought I was really miserable for some reason. From that point on I’ve been trying to prove that I’m not. Unfortunately it made me incredibly vulnerable to the press.”

We know we are definitely at our happiest passed out on the steering wheel of our car. But jail, that does not make us happy. No, I think then the word would be “miserable.”

George Michael feuding with Elton John again [CNN]

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