George Michael Can’t Stop Puffin’

Despite a series of drug arrests – the most recent of which involved him stoned and slumped behind the wheel of his vehicle – George Michael decided it was in his best interest to spark a spliff during a television interview.

Sitting down with a Spanish film crew as part of a documentary on his new tour, Georgie Boy waxed philosophical on his dagga love:

This is the only drug I’ve ever thought worth taking…

This stuff keeps me sane and happy. I could write without it…if I were sane and happy. I’d say it’s a great drug – but obviously it’s not very healthy. You can’t afford to smoke it if you’ve got anything to do.

You’ve got to be in the right position to take it. You’ve got to have achieved most of your ambitions, because it chills you out to such a degree that you could lose your ambitions.

You can, however, take a toke if your amibitions include the folllowing:

A. Cruising for sex in the woods.
B. Crashing into parked cars.
C. Getting arrested for smoking pot.

Luckily, Michael has excelled in all of the above. He’s either a stoner’s worst nightmare or the best thing ever. We can’t decide. We’re far too faded to form an actual opinion, so we’re going to take the pothead default and let someone else make the decision for us.

Any takers?