George Michael Could Be Banned From US

Even though the British court sentenced George Michael with only a “police caution” for possession of marijuana, the sentence is still considered a criminal offense–and could cause him problems when trying to return to the US.

An immigration spokesperson said each case is reviewed individually, but strict immigration laws against foreigners with drug convictions mean the US has legal recourse to keep him out of the country.

Michael was arrested in the UK after a passer-by saw him slumped over his car’s steering wheel, and called the police. He was charged with possession of marijuana and GHB, and being unfit to drive, but the GHB and driving charges were dropped; the “police caution” didn’t carry any punishment, other than a mark on Michael’s police record.

Because of the obvious insignificance of his conviction, at first we laughed at the idea of Miss Michael being banned; he has a home here in the US, and has lived here for years. But in light of the federal ban on people with HIV from entering the US, we wouldn’t put it past the Feds to use our beloved George as an example.

George Michael To Face Immigration Problems For Drug ‘Conviction’ [Daily Mail]