George Michael Lets It All Out

The redcoats are coming! Oh, wait, that’s just George Michael: the perpetually scandalized, pot loving pop star landed in the states this month for his first yank tour in seventeen years. In honor of his aural resurrection, Michael recently sat down with HX‘s Brandon Voss and, like an enthusiastic trick, informed the homo-journo that he do anything. So, like an eager beaver, Brandon did:

BV: How do you maintain such a good sense of humor about your mishaps?
GM: Well, with the stuff that I get up to, if I didn’t have a sense of humor I’d really be up shit creek, as they say. I can always see the funny side, especially if it’s about sex.

BV: So who looked better while performing community service–you or Naomi Campbell?
GM: She turned it out–absolutely! Good for her. I think I should’ve done a bit of shopping, shouldn’t I?

Scandals aside, Michael also offered his advice to closeted pop-stars: “Come out and accept that you’ll lose some of your audience.” Sounds good to us….