George Michael Lets The Sun Go Down On Partner Kenny Goss

Pop legend George Michael might have a new theme for his announced “gay” album—solitude. The out singer  announced during a concert today that he and longtime boyfriend Kenny Goss had split some time ago.

At the opening-night show of his “Symphonica” tour at the Prague State Opera House, Michael told the audience, “Kenny and I haven’t been together for two-and-a-half years… It’s time to be honest.” In March, Michael called an article in the British press claiming they had split “complete bullshit” and just two days ago, Goss was profiled in a Dallas Morning News article as still standing by his man.

Calling his love life “turbulent,” Michael dedicated a new song, “Where I Hope You Are,” to Goss, who he said brought him, “a lot of joy and a lot of pain.” Goss, a native Texan, met Michael at L.A.’s Beverly Hot Springs in 1996 and allegedly didn’t know who the Grammy winner was.

Right, because the two obviously built their relationship on a foundation of honesty.

Image via Yves Lorson