George Michael Pleads Guilty To DUI

George Michael may have pleaded guilty to driving while on drugs, but he certainly didn’t take complete responsibility for his actions. Sure, he had taken a few pharmaceuticals, but he also blamed “tiredness” for his illegal actions. The 46- year old gay singer told the court:

I am perfectly aware that I did something very wrong and got into my car when I was unfit to drive. I was not in my normal physical state and I’m perfectly prepared to accept the correct punishment for that and I would have accepted it a long time ago. It was fairly predictable considering how much work I had done that week.

It’s equally predictable considering that Michael has made his name synonymous with complete fuck-up.

Michael got nabbed last October after police found him slumped over his steering wheel, his car blocking an intersection. He’ll be sentenced at the end of the month. Unfortunately poor Michael didn’t realize that he could have just accepted a punishment without accepting guilt. Sounds like his lawyer’s a fuck-up, too.

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