No Jail Time For Queer Singer

George Michael Sentenced

Pot puffin’ pop star George Michael has some amazing luck. The gay singer could have been sent to jail for driving under the influence, but the judge took pity on him and sentenced him to 100 hours of community service. has been sentenced to 100 hours community service after being arrested last year for driving under the influence. Cops found the former Wham! singer slumped over his steering wheel in the middle of a busy intersection, his second arrest of this nature in less than a year. In light of his track recrod, the judge also revoked Michael’s license for two years.

While Michael took his punishment like a champ, he had some harsh words for the media:

The media coverage of this case has been farcical, concentrating almost entirely on the prosecution’s allegations. In reality I have been sentenced today on the basis of unfit driving through tiredness and prescription medicines which I fully accept responsibility for. I am glad to put this behind me and I am now off to do the biggest show of my life.

Michael performs this weekend at London’s new revamped Wembley stadium.

In other Michael-related news, the pop star recently sat down for a homo heart-to-heart with London’s Gay Times, during which he not only insisted he never fucked Wham! cohort, Andrew Ridgeley. Michael also gives readers a little look into his past, including his parent’s less-than-welcoming attitude,

My mother had this fear of me being gay. She had this definite fear that I was going to be like her brother – she thought that it meant I wouldn’t cope with life. She almost felt like she had brought this gene. So there were very pointed areas where she let my dad be – supposedly protectively – homophobic.

Perhaps it’s this lack of parental guidance that sent Michael so far off path. Read more excerpts of this interview over at Towleroad. The rest of the interview will be published at the end of the month.