Cause of death?

George Michael’s ex says chemsex may have led to singer’s death

One of George Michael‘s ex-lovers is coming forward to suggest the dangerous, highly dose-sensitive drug GHB may have played a part in the artist’s untimely death.

Escort Paul Stag claims Michael was addicted to chemsex, and says he supplied him with numerous drugs before and after dating him between 2009 and 2013.

According to Pink News, Stag says “George was mad on G. He loved it. It is 100 percent he would have chems on Christmas Eve before his death.”

Talking to The Sun, the 48-year-old Stag says:

He was incredibly sexually active and in his mind drugs equalled sex and sex equalled drugs. My belief is he didn’t separate that until the day he died.

I saw him collapse many, many times. He threw up on my bathroom floor and I had to kick him out of my house.

Stag says Michael called him about 500 times in nine years to get drugs from him.

My heart never sank when the phone went and it was a request from George. It was 300, 400, 500 times…Sometimes it would be twice a week, then nothing for a few weeks because of his work.”

Stag says that he and Michael never had sex when the pop star wasn’t on the drugs he supplied. They apparently met “through a gay magazine.”

Stag insists he only supplied Michael with the drugs because he didn’t want him to start using someone who was less trustworthy.

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