George Rekers’ Rentboy To Attend The Hookie Awards, Won’t Be Honored

Remember Jo-vanni Roman, the twinky Rentboy.com escort that hypocritical conversion-therapy advocate George Rekers palled around with?

Well Michael Musto says the Miami prostie will be making an appearance in good ol’ New York City this Friday for the Hookies, aka the Oscars for international escorts.

He won’t be honored, though.

Writes Musto: “Rentboy’s director Sean Van Sant tells me they even considered giving Jo-Vanni an award that night, but he may have broken the escort code of conduct by revealing the client’s name, so that disqualified him.”

Couldn’t they relax the rules here? Yes, he blew the whistle, but the client needed to be exposed—Rekers was a founding member of the Family Research Council. Plus, he’s used his psychology Ph.D and Baptist ministry to call for ex-gay therapy and has testified in favor of the disenfranchisement of LGBT parents in court many a time.

We’d say that’s grounds for a Nobel!

Photos via Rentboy.com