George Rekers’ Rentboy To Attend The Hookie Awards, Won’t Be Honored

Remember Jo-vanni Roman, the twinky Rentboy.com escort that hypocritical conversion-therapy advocate George Rekers palled around with?

Well Michael Musto says the Miami prostie will be making an appearance in good ol’ New York City this Friday for the Hookies, aka the Oscars for international escorts.

He won’t be honored, though.

Writes Musto: “Rentboy’s director Sean Van Sant tells me they even considered giving Jo-Vanni an award that night, but he may have broken the escort code of conduct by revealing the client’s name, so that disqualified him.”

Couldn’t they relax the rules here? Yes, he blew the whistle, but the client needed to be exposed—Rekers was a founding member of the Family Research Council. Plus, he’s used his psychology Ph.D and Baptist ministry to call for ex-gay therapy and has testified in favor of the disenfranchisement of LGBT parents in court many a time.

We’d say that’s grounds for a Nobel!

Photos via Rentboy.com

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  • Rooney

    The client’s name was revealed by the Miami Herald journalist who took the pictures, wasn’t it? Give the boy an award! Anyone who’s instrumental in outing another repressed homocon responsible for torturing kids, making them commit suicide, and breaking up families has my vote.

  • Cam

    This kid, I have to say I admire his bravery. He outted somebody whose writings were consistently used in attacking gay rights people in court and in the news. Remember, Reckers was SUPPOSED to be a witness in the Prop 8 trail and they still tried to use some of his writings.

    This guy wiped all that out. He did gay rights a HUGE favor and exposed some aspects of his own life, for zero dollars, that many in his position would have wanted to keep hidden.

    Frankly I think he’s a bit of a hero when compared to people like Joe Solomnase who told gays to shut up and stay quiet, and leave our “Friends” in govt. alone, and then leaves to take a very well paid position in the same govt. he was telling us to leave alone.

  • Oh come on

    I can think of an escort boy who not only names client names in a subtle manner but he has a Twitter&blog where he rattles off HIV statuses of the competition.

  • Oh come on

    Give me “15 minutes more”, I’ll think of his name.

  • B

    Regarding Queerty’s statement, “Couldn’t they relax the rules here? Yes, he blew the whistle, but the client needed to be exposed” They shouldn’t relax the rules. While two “reporters” actually outed Rekers, the rentboy did not have to say anything about his “client”. If he wanted to do anything, he could have simply confirmed that he was a rent boy, and said, “no comment” when asked about anything else. Then he would have been following the rules, and “no comment” would have resulted in the public’s imagination turning whatever they did into the tryst of the century.

    Some of Rekers’ explanations were somewhat plausible. For instance, he claimed to have needed help carrying his luggage due to recent surgery. For minor surgery, it is possible that he couldn’t carry his luggage for a week or so to avoid pulling stitches, a problem that would go away by the end of the trip, where they had pictures of him carrying his bags. He claimed he did not visit “rentboy.com” to find his “traveling companion”. That’s also possible – he may have found something else that linked to his rentboy’s web page, or someone else may have looked it up and provided him with the phone number. Also, a google search can find the contact pages of people advertising on rentboy.com. Of course, Rekers could have just been lying about it.

  • Cam


    Are you so addicted to playing Devil’s advocate that you are trying to find excuses for a case that is already settled?

  • Fairy Qing

    I love this boy!)))
    he has GLBT total love and respect award anyway!)

  • ousslander

    i thought the reporter outed the guy not the hooker. He talked after the fact.

    Ridiculous that we hold porn stars and hookers up for glory, telling kids that selling their ass is something to aspire too.

  • B

    No. 6 · Cam wrote, “Are you so addicted to playing Devil’s advocate that you are trying to find excuses for a case that is already settled?” Cam, read the very last sentence of No 5, where I suggested that Rekers could have been lying. I was merely pointing out that his excuses were not ridiculous. It’s not like he said, “My dog ate my homework and then a tyrannosaurus rex ate my dog.”

  • x


    there’s an awards show for hookers?

  • FunMe

    @x: What will they think of next!

  • B

    No. 11 · FunMe wrote, “@x: What will they think of next!”

    The john of the year award for “best client”? As H.L. Mencken once said or wrote, “Nobody ever lost money underestimating the taste of the American public.”

  • CBRad

    @x: Yes ! And it’s probably more fun than that boring silly Oscars.

  • Jonsey

    Benjamin Nicholas? 15minutesmore.com.

    Entertaining blog and yes, he has named names of folks who don’t happen to share that they’re HIV positive. I’d call that a community service.

  • dave

    Rekers has already stated that he got the contact info for this young man from a coleuge at NARTH. Also the previous two times Rekers testified in court it was disastrous for the anti-gays. I think Rekers was set up by some of his coleuges in the antigay industry.
    He has a past in wich he has commited undeniable cruelties to our community, wich have resulted in loss of quality of life for lgbt indivuals as well as loss of life itself. But I beleive he had lost most of his usefulness to the anti-gay movement. So I don’t see this as a win for our community and I don’t think Jo-vanni Roman deserves a Nobel prize. I beleive all Jo-vanni desverse is the privacy to live his life as he choses.

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