George Santos works hard to reinvent himself… as a fashion expert

Rep. George Santos
Rep. George Santos (Photo: YouTube)

Scandal hit Rep. George Santos seems to already be reinventing his résumé for when he inevitably departs Congress. The liar and fabulist took time out of the weekend to post his critique of what women wore to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on Saturday evening.

It began with a swipe at the lack of haute couture on display.

Then he posted a thread of his favorite looks.

He then posted a list of looks that he felt didn’t quite hit the mark.

It’s worth noting that NPR Tamara Keith, who made it on to Santos’ ‘worst dressed’ list, wore an outfit in homage to a classic actress and movie.

Rather than offer fashion advice, you’d think Santos might instead concentrate on highlighting the work he’s doing for his constituents.

Online, many were unimpressed, particularly by his critique of some of the outfits.

Santos, 34, responded to the criticism by reminding everyone that, hey, he’s a millennial. And he’s allowed to tweet whatever he likes on his time off.

“So the twitter mob is outraged because I’m a millennial congressman with a sense of humor & a decent understanding of pop culture. I rather be relatable than think that face book is a book of faces. I work for my constituents and I take off weekend just like you.”

Santos swiftly blocked replies to this tweet.

All tied up

The freshman congressman also made fashion waves on Twitter for another reason this weekend. He apparently gave a tie away.

Gavin Mario Wax, a marketeer and President of the New York Young Republican Club, tweeted that he ran into Santos and complimented him on his tie. The Rep. promptly gifted it to him.

Online, many suggested the same thing: Perhaps it wasn’t really Santos’ tie in the first place.