George Takei All About Speaking Japanese on Heroes

Obviously we’re total nerds, so we definitely care that out actor and Star Trek alum George Takei will make his first Heroes appearance this lovely eve. He’s signed on for at least three episodes to star as the ridiculously cute Hiro’s daddy. Of course, Hiro’s from Japan and, as such, his family speaks Japanese, requiring a bit of a challenge for LA-born Takei:

…Here I am, doing prime-time television, popular television, in Japanese. I haven’t, you know, worked in Japan in Japanese. And here I am in the United States, working in Japanese with English subtitles. So that’s a delight. But it’s also a challenge, because it is not my first language.

A delight? Who says “delight”? Bad ass motherfuckers, of course.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Takei-related article with a little discussion about his politically-motivated coming out:

You know, I’ve been out, with, certainly family and friends, and my Star Trek colleagues, for many, many years… The only thing I had not done is talk to the press” about it, something that changed when California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a same-sex marriage bill… When he played to the narrowest, most reactionary segment of his conservative base and vetoed, I felt I needed to speak out. And for me to do that, my voice needed to be authentic.

That’s some real shit right there.