George Takei Compares Outing Closeted Politicians Like Aaron Schock To Housetraining Dogs

George_TakeiI don’t believe in outing people because there are individual situations, but politicians who have taken a position contrary to what they really are they need to be called to task. You know it’s like when you’re training a dog to be housebroken you push his nose to the accident he’s committed. A politician who has been hypocritical and dishonest has no place in public service and they need to be called to task.”


Beloved Star Trek actor-turned-devoted equality activist George Takei asked his opinion of outing politicians like Congressman Aaron Schock who have antigay voting records, in an interview to promote To Be Takei, the revealing new documentary about his life and marriage to husband Brad, which premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival

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  • Spike

    Actually, the training method he is referring to, only serves to
    teach the dog to fear the smell of it’s pee or poop which leads to the dog being scared every time it goes to the bathroom.

    Not sure how that relates to closeted republicans.

  • AuntieChrist

    I think George is quite funny. I like the analogy however my dog was quite easy to train and I would never put their nose in an accident,You just say no and take them outside it’s best to catch them in the act.

  • chaddyboy6

    so only if a politician agrees with your agenda is it okay for them to be in the closet? well that is worse and just as hypocritical. It is having your cake and eating it too.

  • iMort

    If you chose to be a politician and haven’t the confidence to be out then you should be outed.

  • CoolBeansandChili

    I have a few issues with Takei on this. Comparing closeted, anti-gay politician to disobedient dogs is just really… lame. Even though they are deserving of it, we shouldn’t be adopting their tactics to try and prove a point.
    Second, on an somewhat unrelated note, why would anyone shove a dog’s face in piss and feces. That’s a bit abusive. I doubt anyone would rub pee-soaked underwear into a 4-year-old’s face because s/he made an accident at school.

  • AuntieChrist

    @CoolBeansandChili: George is in his 70s and I think he was just trying to be funny…

  • BBellairs

    I agree, George was just trying to be funny. But the truth about dog training is, you don’t push their noses into the mess, you put their noses close so they can smell it, then immediately put them outside so they make the connection. I love dogs and have trained them this way. I would NEVER be so cruel as to actually push their noses into their feces.

  • balehead

    Awareness is not an action….He’s evolving into just another media ho…

  • AuntieChrist

    @balehead: George Takei is a treasure and a positive voice for the GLBT community…What do YOU do for us besides make stupid negative comments..??? ALL THE TIME.

  • mungus

    I just want to be clear that that is NOT how we train dogs (we train our dogs through crate training and proper timing of outside breaks, etc., encouraging positive reinforcement, as marking negative behavior is rarely done in the proper and timely manor). However, that said, it is important to call out hypocrisy! We call out bad behavior of a dog at precisely the moment it happens, and we have to do that to these hypocrites.

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