George Takei: “‘Star Trek’ Creator Gene Roddenberry Was Aware Of My Sexual Orientation And Very Supportive”

takei-gay-490x670Some of the cast and creatives were aware that I was gay, and I did, on occasion, bring a male date to parties. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was aware of my sexual orientation and very supportive. That was the extraordinary thing about Star Trek. That we were a diverse crew of people representing so many colors, backgrounds and heritages. That was the promise of the future. And, now, in the J.J. Abrams reboot, an openly gay actor is playing a Vulcan in love with an African American. I’m not really surprised by this. Star Trek taught us to look ahead to a time where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream was fulfilled. Being a part of that vision was — and has remained — a tremendous honor.”

–Actor/activist George Takei on whether his Star Trek castmates and creator knew he was gay while making the original iconic sci-fi series, in an interview with Huffington Post