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George Takei takes down Joe Manchin with one tweet

George Takie and Joe Manchin
George Takie and Senator Joe Manchin (Photo: Shutterstock and YouTube)

George Takei is unimpressed by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin refusing to support President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion Build Back Bigger bill.

While the Senate is split down the middle, Manchin, a Democrat, has infamously stood in the way of the bill’s progress. He has listed a variety of issues he has with the legislation, from its emphasis on clean energy to his belief that more federal assistance for the most in need fosters, “an entitlement mentality.”

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The bill will also expand Medicare. However, after resistance from the likes of Manchin, the Biden administration has already dropped proposed dental care benefits.

Earlier this week, HuffPost reported that Manchin privately told some colleagues about other concerns he had. Namely, that parents would waste additional monthly child tax credit payments on drugs instead of providing for their children. Manchin declined to comment on the story.

Takei told his 3.2million Twitter followers that perhaps Manchin had a point about parents: “In a way Manchin was right. Some of them will spend their Child Tax Credit on drugs. It’s called insulin and it should cost $35 not $1,000.”

His tweet has had over 118k likes and over 18k retweets.

Besides many in the Democratic party, Takei is not the only celebrity frustrated by Manchin’s stance. Bette Midler has also repeatedly questioned the Senator’s beliefs and motives.

Then again, Manchin also has his supporters. Several Republicans have made it known that he’d be welcome to join the GOP, while evangelical, anti-LGBTQ preacher Franklin Graham praised him this week for “putting the American people first.”

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Yesterday, Manchin posted a Happy Holidays video message, reminding people of the importance of family and to count their blessings. It’s prompted over 7k replies, with many taking him to task over his stance and the impact it will have on families.