George Takei Uses A Little Thing Called Reality To Take Down Donald Trump

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Not that we need reminding that Donald Trump is a bloviating bully with a zero percent chance at becoming an effective world leader, but George Takei’s latest comments really seal the deal.

Speaking to Trump’s latest stirring of the national discourse pot — this time the candidate said “all Muslims” should be banned from entering the United States — Takei called upon his own experience at an internment camp to draw a parallel.

“It’s ironic that he made that comment on December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, the very event that put us in those internment camps,” Takei started.

“In the 1980’s Congress organized a commission to look into the reasons why that internment happened,” he said. “They found that it was three things that brought that about. One was racial hysteria, second was war hysteria, and third was failure of political leadership.”

“Donald Trump is the perfect example of that failure,” Takei added.

Watch below:

h/t: NCRM