George Takei Vows To Seduce Donald Trump Into Believing In Gay Marriage

What a lunch date! Legendary Star Trek actor George Takei wants to take Donald Trump out to a fancy NYC restaurant this April in order to change Trump’s mind about gay marriage.

The Daily News says that Takei and Trump were on a casual Celebrity Apprentice-promoting conference call with reporters when the OG of out celebrities dropped his new plan:

“Next time I’m in New York, Mr. Trump, I might take you to Jean-Georges for lunch, and maybe we can discuss marriage equality,” said Takei.

“You would be the perfect guy to teach me,” replied Trump, who famously opposed gay marriage when he pretended to run for president in a cheap publicity stunt last year.

After the call, Takei, who has been married to his partner of 20 years since 2008, told the News:

“I’m looking forward to the lunch. I really was serious. I think Mr. Trump is a decent, fair-minded guy, and I think we can have a very good discussion. I want to listen to his views and respond specifically to his concerns. The sense I get in my bones is that he’s a decent, sophisticated guy. I’m sure he knows a lot of people who are gay or lesbian. My position is that the core of any good marriage is love and commitment.”

If that doesn’t work, we recommend Takei use one of those handy Vulcan mind-melds.

Takei will be making an appearance on Dustin Lance Black‘s Prop 8 play, 8, this Saturday in L.A. He’ll appear alongside an all-star Hollywood cast: Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Bomer, Martin Sheen, Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch. You can watch it streaming live at home here, starting 10:30pm EST/7:30pm PST.

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  • B

    “If that doesn’t work, we recommend Takei use one of those handy Vulcan mind-melds.”

    He didn’t play “Spock”. Maybe he could use a “phaser” or have The Donald beamed over to an SMBD “dungeon” for “reeducation” instead.

    Curiously, we saw him wearing a Star Trek outfit on a similarly styled float in in San Francisco during a gay pride parade. There were some fundamentalist Christians protesting nearby. We hoped that “Mr. Sulu” would vaporize them, but he was too busy waving to the crowd and probably didn’t notice. At least that thought gave us something to laugh about.

  • Gay Bacon

    As Takkei would say, Ohhhhh myyyyy

  • Matt

    Way to pick your battles George. What ever would we do without Mr. Trump’s seal of approval?

  • WillBFair

    Trump a sophisticated guy? He talks like Brando in Street Car, or worse, and the giant rat on top of his head would not be welcome in a fine restaraunt.

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