George Weber Killed By Online Hookup?


On Sunday, WABC 10-year radio anchor George Weber was murdered at his home in New York City. He was found with multiple stab wounds to the neck. And as the investigation creeps into Day Two, police say the prime suspect is a man Weber met online, invited over, and engaged in some S&M play with. Cue the “Gay Sex Slay” headlines.

When Weber didn’t show up for work for two days, colleagues grew suspicious. They visited his home, knocked, and left when nobody answered, only to return later to find:

Weber’s half-naked body was found Sunday morning in his bloody Carroll Gardens apartment. The broadcaster was stabbed multiple times in the neck, back and upper torso. Cops are investigating the murder as a gay slaying, police sources said.

Investigators said gay-porn pictures were scattered around his ransacked home, but it was unclear if anything was missing. There was no evidence of forced entry and investigators believe Weber may have known his attacker.

Cops are trying to identify several men who posed in various pictures with the victim, according to investigators. The photos were found in Weber’s home.

[…] Friends at the Blarney Rock, a West 33rd Street bar Weber frequented, said he occasionally talked about a girlfriend. A neighbor said Weber introduced a woman as his girlfriend at a party last year.

Investigators also are following a lead from a neighbor who told them he saw a suspicious man making phone calls and pacing Friday night outside Weber’s brownstone. The neighbor saw the man go in, but did not see him leave. [NYP]

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  • Anthony in Nashville

    A trick gone bad was the first thing that came to my mind.

    Scenarios like this are a major reason why I’ve cut back my online cruising, and especially hosting.

  • angel love

    an orgasm is not worth dying over. this is sad to hear.

  • rick

    why yes, yes he was. and a 17 year old. seems george was into the s and the m. but, that is no excuse for this horrific crime, and i mean horrific. they are having a hell of a time sorting out the blood evidence.

    as of this morning 3/25/09 they have the suspect in custody.

  • Robert

    This is NOT the kind of “gay man” we want representing our community. In the closet, trolling after 16-year-olds, asking to be “smothered.” That said, the “kid” is a scary knife-wielding maniac himself and two wrongs don’t make a right. To hear that Weber fought back and wounded the killer makes me wonder if the S & M (foot-binding) may have made the difference here…

    In any case, getting sex through someone you’ve never met in real life is NOT a good strategy for hooking up. Of course, any relationship can go bad, but meeting people in person and getting to know them first always is a good idea.

  • Markus

    @What: 50 years ago people like you said the same thing about blacks – now its the gays – what next. Stop being a bigot and learn to tolerate and love HUMAN kind regardless of anything PERIOD.


    It’s due to George having to hide both his love for men and narcotics that led to his untimely demise/murder.

    He should have been able to locate a safe partner…but due to misplaced morals, he had to troll and end up with this maniac.

  • jay d

    Curtis S…what do u think of your good friend now….
    He got what he deserved.

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