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George Weber’s Killer: Affinity for Knives

This is the 16-year-old who confessed to killing former WABC anchor George Weber at his home after a S&M Craigslist hook-up gone horribly awry.

John Katehis of Queens turns out to be quite the proflific web user: His YouTube account and MySpace page have already been identified and circulated. Katehis told detectives he acted in self-defense, stabbing Weber only after he tried stabbing Katehis; Weber was found with more than 50 stab wounds.


Given Katehis’ clear enjoyment of sharp objects — shown here brandishing them on his MySpace — it’s going to be an uphill battle for his defense team.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    So was this a hate crime, or a trick gone horribly wrong? Will this kid claim gay panic?

  • J

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: After a craig list hookup? He’d have had to stab himself, first.

  • J

    Also, on a side note that wakazashi is blantantly fake and I hate when stupid kids think they’re a ninja because they bought a cheap, blunted piece of low-grade, non-forged metal from their local pawn shop.

  • jim

    jezus, SIXTEEN?? and he’s doing in-calls and spending 75 smackers on absinthe? there’s something really creepy about this–aside from the original news story.

  • scott

    wow. that’s a 16 year old. He really looks much older for his age. That should help him in prison.

  • Gurlene

    This is one where the victim got just what he asked/paid for. Sadly George Webber was clearly looking to act out a fantasy about death. His wish became reality.

    I do not condone murder but this guy, Webber, was asking for it. He invites an obvious (the picture alone was a warning sign of a psychopath if ever there was) kid into his home for rough sex and then gives A TOTAL STRANGER DRUGS AND ALCOHOL TOO knowing he is going to be tied up? That is what the write up in the papers said today when they posted the messages sent back and forth between the two.

    Webber is clearly bigger than this kid and should have been able to at least wrestle him down. Webber sat back and walked into this looking for a sexual thrill that any fool now knows is inviting death to come and make a home visit. Internet sex is for fools.

    Do not let strangers into your home. It is that simple. Once you give your address they only have to go to googelearth and get a good idea of where you live and what your probable income in and go from there.

  • scott


    I don’t think he was asking to die. C’mon now.

    And I don’t think all the facts are in. The kid looks like he could be over 18 or 18 and could’ve lied about his age. And Webber is 47. He might not have been able to overpower him.

    I will say taking cocaine and alcohol, if that is true, was not a good idea. Especially with a stranger and then being tied up.

    Oh if Internet sex is fools, i guess so is bar sex or any hook up. Because you don’t know jack about that dude you just met in a bar. In fact, you don’t know jack about that blind date you’re best friend set you up with. Because you never really know what another person is like. Whether they are an angel or devil or somewhere in between.

  • Phoenix (Rainbow Nancy-Boy Liberation Army)

    @ Scott,

    Don’t forget that fake I.D.s are easy to come by. Judging from the weird crap the kid had on his YouTube/MySpace the little freak was trolling craigslist for some schlub to kill. George Weber just happened to be the poor sucker who fell for his ad.

  • scott


    Thank god. I was wondering if there was anyone who actually saw that maybe the victim isn’t to blame. And that it’s the dude who actually did the killing is the one who should be judged.

    I was beginning to lose hope.

  • DM

    When you play with fire sometimes you get burned. True for both players in this sad escapade.

  • Yikes!

    @Gurlene: He was asking to be murder?? yea right!!! No one asks to be murder. It was something that the kid did and he clearly was not psychotic but was a socialpath.

    I agree that inviting someone over from an online hookup is dangerous, but no one deserves to die like Mr. Weber did.

  • Yikes!

    This boy has a pentagram tattooed on his arm, a brigade of weapons and was prostituting himself out. I’d say he was clearly a socialpath. But more importantly, where were his parents in all of this?

    And, what kind of parents would allow him at 16 to have tattooed himself and allowed him to have knives in their home. If they weren’t aware of this or his behavior, it’s apparent that his parents were to some extent held accountable for his conduct–not the murder, but his conduct that lead up the the murder.

  • cruiser

    This kid sounds like a real socio-path at the veery least a pyschopath, the victim is partially at fault for allowingthis situation to deteriorate from the word go, from what everyone has been saying this kids MySpace & YouTube posts are not for the faint of heart. Secondly the failure lies with the kids parents, they acted irresponsibly by 1) allowing this kid at “16” (yea right)to get some questionable tattoos & 2)allowing this pyscho to play with sharp objects.
    Anyone & I repeat ANYONE who gets themself into a situation like this from an Internet posting is inviting trouble with the door wide open and the welcome mat out.
    Whereas I feel for the guy that was killed, by the same token I hold him partially responsible for his fate. Now as far as this little winner goes he is going to be REAL popular in the joint, his next roommate is going to a “big black mutha” named “Bubba” and this twink will be his b****!

  • martin

    we have no idea what happened…all you hens pecking at assumptions…from what i see on these vids is a kid acting like a kid…big deal…again, no one knows what happened..except one thing….everyone is a judge and critic and has the answer…sheesh

  • Cee

    Lock the parents up!

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