Georgetown “Gay Basher” Cleared

Philip Anderton Cooney’s a lucky son of a gun. The Georgetown student and son of a former White House official faces no charges after being accused of an anti-gay attack last September.

Cooney stood accused of beating down another student, who later identified him via facebook. Police initially charged Cooney with assault, but later upped the ante by adding “bias related,” as the victim claimed Cooney attacked him because he’s gay. A DC judge and Cooney’s lawyer don’t agree:

“After further investigation of this matter, we concluded that there was insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt,” said Channing Phillips, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s office.

“Philip was always completely innocent of the charges against him and the dismissal of the case has vindicated him entirely,” [lawyer Danny] Onorato said in a statement. “To know Philip Cooney is to know a young man of exemplary character who was wrongly accused in this case.”

This does nothing to explain, of course, why Georgetown University waited two weeks of protest and bad press before publicly addressing the matter.