Say University Has Been Silent

Georgetown Students Protest Gay Hate Crime

As Yale students muzzled themselves, Georgetown University students chanted, screamed and yelled over an apparent hate crime.

Dozens of gay and straight pupils and teachers marched through the DC-campus urging the University and other students to take a harder line against hate. The move comes after student Philip Cooney, whose father worked for President Bush, got nabbed for allegedly beating another, unidentified student because he’s gay.

[Protesters] said they’re upset by the attack and the way the university handled it. They said the school did not notify the campus about the attack… They are calling for more tolerance and understanding on campus. As part of the protest the group hung a sign saying “Why can’t you just be normal?” and then pelted it with various colored paint balls.

The university, meanwhile, insists it’s doing everything in its power to solve the crime.