Campus Cops Stop Peaceful Protest

Georgetown’s Gay Crackdown

One would think Georgetown University would be on its best behavior after admitting to covering up an alleged gay bash, but apparently they haven’t learned their lesson. Gay and straight activists held a conference yesterday to announce the revival of the disbanded Georgetown Unity Coalition, which reformed in the wake of Bush-family friend Philip Cooney’s reported anti-gay attack.

After announcing their reformation, the Coalition planned on holding a peaceful march. Campus cops, however, weren’t having it:

…We had planned to peacefully march to President DeGioia’s office to deliver him 1,000 more signatures to our petition and an “i am” t-shirt, since he came out as an ally on Tuesday in our meeting with him. As soon as a group of 30 of us started leaving Red Square, however, DPS officers began sprinting towards Healy Hall and radioed their superiors for back-up. When we arrived at Healy, we were greeted by a contingent of at least 15 DPS officers barring entrance to the building.

One Unity Coalition member was forcibly removed from the Healy steps by a DPS officer, and Unity Coalition members were aggressively confronted and yelled at by DPS officers. DPS officers were asked to explain why we were being barred entry to the building and on whose orders, and no explanation other than further yelling was given.

Students not wearing the ‘i am’ t-shirt were allowed to enter the hall. Georgetown’s sending a clear message: stinking queers and their problems have no place on the school’s campus. Vile.