Georgia Beginning to Fight Same-Sex Domestic Violence


Activists and police in Georgia are coming together to form a same-sex domestic violence task force. Domestic violence in the gay community, they say, is underreported for a variety of reasons, thus necessitating a specialized team to fight it.

One in four gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual relationships experience some sort of domestic violence — whether physical, emotional or sexual abuse — according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, a network of 24 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community-based organizations. That’s the same percentage reported for heterosexual couples, and the 25 percent figure is just an estimate since little research exists on same-sex partners. But homophobia, fear of coming out and a basic lack of gay-specific domestic violence services means the 25 percent figure is likely much lower than the true number of gay families suffering…

The task force is already actively pursuing grant money to help pay for specialized police training.

We certainly don’t say this often, but here goes: Well done, Georgia.