Georgia Beginning to Fight Same-Sex Domestic Violence


Activists and police in Georgia are coming together to form a same-sex domestic violence task force. Domestic violence in the gay community, they say, is underreported for a variety of reasons, thus necessitating a specialized team to fight it.

One in four gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual relationships experience some sort of domestic violence — whether physical, emotional or sexual abuse — according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, a network of 24 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community-based organizations. That’s the same percentage reported for heterosexual couples, and the 25 percent figure is just an estimate since little research exists on same-sex partners. But homophobia, fear of coming out and a basic lack of gay-specific domestic violence services means the 25 percent figure is likely much lower than the true number of gay families suffering…

The task force is already actively pursuing grant money to help pay for specialized police training.

We certainly don’t say this often, but here goes: Well done, Georgia.

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  • tallskin

    Gosh for a mad, foolish and delirious moment I thought Queerty were expressing an interest in the world outside of little old Amerikkka!

    Yeah, what a dickwit I am! I thought you meant Georgia in Europe!

    But then my heart sank as I read on and realised that, no, your horizons are still limited to little old Amerikka.

    I don’t think Queerty have done items on the world outside of the little US bubble you all inhabit for quite a while now. Is it weeks? Months?

    Let us now compare what International events (that means OUTSIDE of the US, by the way) the UK Gay news site is reporting today:

    1) Gay Activists Ask Russia to End Ban on HIV+ Foreigners Entering Country.
    2) Canada – Gay Man’s Killer Freed After 4 Yrs.
    3) Mayoral Role in Welly’s Queen of New Zealand

    And that is just today!

    But the problem is not just that Queerty’s narrow focus on US news, but that the focus is on the TRIVIA of US gay news!

    Here’s the same UK Gay News site on US gay news, these are items which are ignored by the dumb-arse fashion victims who seem to have taken over Queerty.

    1) Hawaii lawmakers have moved forward a bill that would allow state-sanctioned civil unions for same-sex couples.
    2) Boston- NH Gay Bishop Backing Same-Sex Marriage Bill
    3) Utah’s conservative-moral crusaders
    4) Traditionally, Iowa City has only had one “gay” bar, but that’s about to change. T
    5) In Kansas Hundreds Outside Shawnee Mission East Stage Counterprotest to Fred Phelps.
    6) Is Homophobia Costing Matthew Mitchum sponsorship.

    And again that is just TODAY!

    I have watched Queerty decline and become trivial and inconsequential over the past few months, and become obsessed with utter rubbish and trivia, and it really saddens me.

  • Brendan

    As someone who still calls Georgia home (despite the fact that I live elsewhere), I was PLEASANTLY surprised to hear that something positive was happening in regards to the LGBT community there. Doesn’t happen often.

  • petted

    @tallskin: I take it you consider Russia part of Europe? I know it’s not really relevant to your ultimate point but knowing where Georgia (nation) is and the ‘discussion’ over whether or not Russia is part of Europe I’m mildly amused. That said you could always email Queerty if you have a topic you want them to cover.

    In other news good for Georgia (state).

  • moo

    @petted: Actually, Georgia straddles the line between the European and Asian subcontinants. Tallskin was talking about Georgia’s geographical location rather than it’s political status. And for the record, Georgia has been independent of Russia for 18 years.

  • moo

    @tallskin: I have to agree with you Tallskin; queerty could run with more international stories, rather than just the occasional racist quip about ‘the brits’.

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