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Georgia sheriff busted for cruising for sex in a park during police sting operation

Sheriff Jeffrey Mann from DeKalb County, Georgia was slapped with charges of indecency and obstruction of an officer this week after being caught masturbating in a public park and then fleeing the scene.

According to the police report, the incident happened in Piedmont Park. An Atlanta police officer was patrolling the area when he spotted Mann rubbing himself through his pants and then exposing himself.

The officer, who was in uniform but was hiding the reflective strip of his uniform, claims that Mann walked up to him whilst pleasuring himself. When the officer shone his flashlight, a startled Mann zipped up his pants and ran off.

“I ran behind the male while yelling, ‘Police, STOP!,’” the officer said. “[He] looked back at me multiple times but continued to run towards the sidewalk and street.”

Mann was apprehended a quarter mile later when he stopped to tie his shoe. After the officer caught up with him, the 54-year-old sheriff cooperated with the arrest. He now says the whole thing has been one big “misunderstanding” and that he’s “looking to clear my name.”

Terry Norris of the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director Terry Norris told the Associated Press, “If those charges are accurate, that behavior is certainly unbecoming to anyone and that includes the sheriff or any other officer.”

Mann has been the sheriff of Dekalb County since 2014. While the city cannot technically remove him from his post, he could fired by the state government or offer to step down voluntarily; however, WSB-TV notes that every sheriff elected to a full term in Dekalb County since 1964 has faced criminal charges.

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