Georgian Military Leader Accused Of Ordering Gay-Spy Ring To Blackmail Celebrities

megis kardavaA onetime military leader in the Republic of Georgia ordered high-level operatives to seduce local gay celebrities and blackmail them into being loyal, reports Russia Times.

Prosecutors claim Megis Kardava, exiled head of the Military Police department of the Defense Ministry, created “a network of gay agents” to seduce closeted stars. The male Mata Haris would bring their prey back to apartments equipped with surveillance equipment and use incriminating footage to force allegiance to President Mikhail Saakashvili.

The spy network was in effect until the October parliamentary elections, when the opposition took control and divested Saakashvili of any real power. The blackmail scheme came to light as the abuses of the old regime began to be investigated. It’s not known which celebrities were targeted—portions of the clandestine tapes were played in court, but the victims’ identities were obscured.

Kardava, who is being tried in absentia, calls the accusations “absurd.”