Georgie-Boy Losing Fans?

George Michael (pictured, in happier times), everyone’s favorite iconic gay screw up, may face even bigger problems than just a drug arrest. It seems his very public mishaps have drawn more than a little criticism from Sony record execs.

Pink News UK reports:

Michael has insisted he does not have a drug problem but record bosses at Sony/BMG are reported to be worried about his erratic behaviour… [A company executive says], “That is twice now he has been found slumped unconscious behind the wheel. He has also been photographed coming out of the woods with a grey-haired stranger in the middle of the night after some dodgy sexual encounter…None of this looks very good to his fans. He just doesn’t appear to care what people think of him – it’s exasperating.”

While our source makes it seem as if Michael may be dropped from his label, there’s no indication of an imminent parting of ways. But, to be honest, we’re sort of shocked Michael hasn’t been cut from the roster.

Although, the phrase, “None of this looks very good to his fans,” really doesn’t seem that bad – as far as we know, all of George Michael’s fans are well past the age of 18 and are probably high right now. If anything, they’ll just adore him more.