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German billionaire launches OnlyFans page because, hey, why not?

Bastian Yotta is a 43-year-old German software entrepreneur worth a purported $1 billion.

You’d think with that kinda money he’d quit working and spend the rest of his life living in quiet luxury. But no.

Instead, Yotta decided to launch a totally uncensored OnlyFans page back in August, where he charges people $19.99 a month to see his totally uncensored adult videos because, hey, why not?

“I love Onlyfans and I love to show everything,” his bio promises. “Join me and I make you happy and horny. That’s for sure.”

Though Yotta identifies as straight, and many of his videos feature him with women, he definitely knows how to appeal to gay audiences, often giving them shoutouts on social media.

I have a full workout naked on my onlyfans,” he tweeted on November 13. “But also made a nice piss video. You think I am crazy ? Hell YES! I don’t give a f*ck at all. Big shout-out to my gay community. You guys have good taste.”

He also regularly communicates with gay adult performers on Twitter, including Reno Gold and Murray Swanby, responding to their nudes by posting his own in their comments.

Prior to diving deep into the adult entertainment industry, Yotta appeared on several popular reality shows, including the thirteenth season of Germany’s I’m a Celebrity–Get Me Out of Here! He’s also the author of three books.

While he lives like a king today, his life wasn’t always so fabulous.

“A few years ago I was poor, fat and unhappy,” he said in 2017. “My life was my enemy. But one day I made a decision: I took responsibility and created a vision of myself.”

Who knew that vision would include an OnlyFans account?

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