German Drag Queen Literally Sews Her Mouth Shut To Protest Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

barbie-breakoutFamed Berlin drag queen and DJ Barbie Breakout has put her money where her mouth is, sewing it shut in a graphic video in protest of Russia’s anti-gay laws and Germany’s lack of response.

As a stranger, the video is hard to watch, but Barbie’s partner was the one holding the camera and according to her, even he couldn’t look.

Barbie’s mouth is left bloody after the ordeal, but the pain was nothing compared to what she “felt inside when I had to see in the media what is happening in Russia,” Barbie told German newspaper Die Welt (via PinkNews).

“In my youth I had more holes in an ear than through my mouth in this performance. Apart from a small bruise on my left upper lip, everything has healed up again,” Barbie said. “It was about symbolism, not about self-harm.”

Russia’s controversial and much-reviled “gay propaganda” law has come into the spotlight with the 2014 Olympics scheduled to take place in Sochi, igniting concern over the safety of Olympians and spectators. Meanwhile, Russian LGBT citizens continue to live in secret and fear of violence that goes unchecked by the government.

Back in June Germany’s foreign minister criticized the Russian government for its ban on gay foreign adoptive parents.

”I cannot hide that I am concerned about this development in Russia and (these) domestic discussions about discrimination of sexual minorities in Russia,” Guido Westerwelle said during a visit to Lithuania. “We think any kind of discrimination of sexual minorities, gays or lesbian for example, [is] not acceptable”.

In her video, Barbie expresses disappointment in the German government for doing nothing to prevent the public shaming of LGBT people in Russia, urging viewers to “speak up, open your mouths,” as hers is covered in blood.