German Goalkeeper Nadine Angerer: I’m Bi, So What

When German soccer player Mario Gomez called on gay soccer players to come out, surely he wasn’t limiting his request only to male footballers. So I’m sure he’s pleased to hear Nadine Angerer, a goalie for the country’s women’s national team, has revealed she’s bisexual.

“I am very open about this, because I am of the opinion there are nice guys and nice women,” says the goalkeeper, who plays for 1. FFC Frankfurt when not defending kicks at the World Cup. “Besides, I find it totally silly to have a general definition. … I see no problem for me to come out of the closet. This is nothing new for me, so I can deal with the issue in a totally relaxed manner.”

Her news follows fellow German goalkeeper Ursula Holl talking about her same-sex wedding last summer.

Next summer, Angerer and the Germans will compete in the FIFA Women’s World Cup. On home soil. And she’ll be bringin’ it.

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  • McMike

    Wow, you mean there are actually lesbian and/or bisexual women who play sports??? I think the bigger news flash would be there are actually straight women in sports.

  • Kate

    But what does Jason make of it all??

  • jason

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Nadine Angerer is a bisexual man-pleasing doormat. There’s a lot of women like this. Women tend to use their overall sexuality as a marketing ploy; it’s evident in their clothing and their general behavior. They will do things to please men and obtain the rewards that come with it.

    For this reason, it’s not ground-breaking if a woman says she’s bisexual. If a man does it, different story. Then, it’s a direct challenge to patriarchy, not an accommodation of it.

    This is why I’m opposed to women in general being considered members of the gay rights movement. Their sexuality is often an accommodation, and not a challenge to, patriarchy. The only women I can countenance as having the moral right to be members of the gay rights movement are butch women.

  • DR

    Jason, it’s time for you to stop posting on any page involving bisexuality. Seriously.

    You know nothing about this athlete and jump right into one of your nonsensical tirades about her. You don’t know jack about her, and it’s really time to stop posting your venom every time a woman admits to being bisexual.

    Young bisexual women can use some decent role models as much as young bisexual men, thank you very much.

  • TommyOC


    Natasha Kai, US Women’s National Team midfielder: Bi at least, lesbian at most; she mentioned breaking up with her girlfriend during an interview on NBC at the ’08 Olympics. Ms. Kai isn’t some unknown either; she’s a well-known and recognized personality and accomplished athlete on the team.

    Pia Sundhage, US Women’s National Team Head Coach: Confirmed lesbian.

    Summary: Kudos to them, as we need to hear about them more, but having bi and lesbian women soccer players ain’t no new thing.

    I’m still waiting for the first, top-tier, regular starter, MALE soccer to come out. That would be an awesome day.

  • Ruinc

    I agree with Jason. It’s no big deal if a woman says she’s bi. I’m not saying she’s got it easy. One of the reasons is cos with guys, people get wigged out (unless they’re tween girls) whereas with bi girls, people get hot under the collar (unless they’re gay men or str8 women). simples.

    I’d just like to put this out there cos my brother asked me and I wasn’t sure how to reply:
    “Can you be politically bisexual? Cos- you’re either walking down the street holding a guy’s hand and you get shouted at – or – you’re walking down the street holding a girl’s hand and no one cares.”
    Thoughts? Keep it sane.

  • Satsuma

    Actually, I’m a bisexual woman who was reluctant to come out for a really long time not because of the reaction I anticipated from the hegemony but because I feared not being taken seriously by the queer community. Thanks, @Jason and friends!

    I like Angerer’s treatment of it all.

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