Germany Is Treating Straight Acting Erik To Some Man Action

Hello from Germany! Erik, our “straight acting gay guy” and American college student now studying in Deutschland, is living in a house with 18 other people. Jesus. Some of his housemates are alpha male types — you know the ones, who reaffirm their masculinity by throwing around “faggot” as often as they say “brah.” Kind of like that jerk Ryan. But it’s not all bad news for Erik. He’s found himself some local wienerschnitzel.

Glad you’re getting some play overseas, Erik.

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  • ron

    God, that kid has diarrhea of the mouth……

  • junior

    Big nose = big penis LOL

  • Ryan

    he’s so adorable. I remember what it was like being that age. Just want to take him under my wing and be like “life only gets better”

  • dave

    Wienerscnitzel is not a wiener. It’s schnitzel… pounded, breaded cutlets. Like the hot dog wiener, the name means “from Vienna”. That’s why those nasty little cocktail franks are called “Vienna Sausages”.

    I’ve no idea why the hot dog chain named themselves after a product they don’t actually serve. Regardless, what he got was local wiener. You can’t stick a cutlet up your ass.

    Well, I mean, you could, but it would be awkward.

  • Lame

    much better than davvy wavvy

  • Amaturus

    Ugh. He admitted in another video that he doesn’t speak any German and it sounds to me like he’s living with a bunch of Americans. That’s the absolute worst way to study abroad. As another gay American living in Germany, I have to hope that he gets more interaction with Germans than just in some random dude’s car.

    Freundliche Grüße aus Frankfurt am Main.

  • Fitz

    Well, at least he is in the right place for self-hatred.

  • declanto

    @Fitz: Obviously you’re speaking from self-hating experience. There is no “place” to self-hatred. Germany is so much more relaxed about homosexuality than America, you have to experience it to believe it.

  • Dave

    @dave: To add to that:

    While “wienerschnitzel” and “wiener schnitzel” technically both translate to “Viennese schnitzel”, “wiener schnitzel” (two words) means “schnitzel from Vienna” while “wienerschnitzel” (one word) means “schnitzel made out of Viennese people”.

    Not any harder to stuff up your ass, but even less pleasant, perhaps.

  • declanto

    @Dave: Dead Meat however you spell it. I am soooo queer for the nose! LOL

  • Justin

    “I got drunk off of wine while playing Monopoly.”

    Glad you got some, Erik! But jeesus… shhhh.

  • thelonious

    @Amaturis, perhaps you’ve never had the experience of learning a language, then going to that country and having to deal with all the slang and dialectual differences you didn’t learn in school :P.

  • Bob

    I want the 6:53 minutes back that I wasted listening to this boring nerd. Give me Davey Wavey anyday over this due!

  • Bob

    I want the 6:53 minutes back that I wasted listening to this boring nerd. Give me Davey Wavey any day over this due!

  • Bob

    Sorry…tried to fix spelling error and ht the button twice…

  • Lou Koumades

    Erik what good is it to be “straight acting” if you don’t act like a man. If you don’t like hearing the term “faggot” and the derogatory use of “gay” then Man-up and tell those butt-holes to cut the “hund furtz” (dog farts which is the German equivalent of bull shit)and that the use of any pejorative is not cool around you. So please Erik stop “acting” straight and be a Man and stand up for what you believe.

  • The Unreal World

    I’m sorry, that closet-case Ryan is NOT an “alpha male”.

  • Amaturus

    @thelonious: I first studied abroad in Switzerland and they basically speak a different language altogether…

  • justnow

    lucky A, i want to study abroad!

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