Gert Jonkers Totally Wants To See The Earth Melt

The news totally gets us down. So, in order to bring a little fashionable light into our lives, we headed on over to Refinery 29 to see what they have cooking. Imagine our elation when we came across The Power Issue subject, Gert Jonkers: publisher of fantastic fag-rag, BUTT.

Profiled in the website’s “Hot For…” section, Jonkers tells the reader that he’s recently adopted a ” bourgeois” aesthetic and can’t wait to see more Henley tank-tops out and about. Why is he so psyched about that particular item? Because the Amsterdam-based homo’s positively itching for warm weather:

I’m really ready for some sun right now, and I love sunshine in general. I think it’s okay to care about the environment and to switch off the light when you go out and stuff, but if global warming would lead to warmer summers and more sun, I’m all for it!

Well at least now we know who to blame…