Drag Mag

Get acquainted with “Female Mimics,” the premiere drag queen glossy magazine from 1963

Dangerous Minds always finds intriguing pop-cultural artifacts, and this cachet of drag-themed magazines from the 1960s are no exception.

In fact, Female Mimics magazine was the first-ever glossy publication to focus on cross-dressers. Launched in ’63, the premiere issue profiled Kim August, a popular drag entertainer at the East Village’s 82 Club who was renowned for her impersonations of Bette Davis and Judy Garland. (The publication would continue to run its campy content under different names until 1979.)

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The writing here is particularly curious, as it works overtime to present the subject matter through a supposedly “heterosexual” lens. For example, “Joi Fulnesse” was allegedly an autoworker from Detroit who would remove his work overalls to slip into gorgeous Dior creations after hours… or so the copywriter valiantly attempts to convince us:

Recently Joi Fulnesee’s wife gave him a Dior gown for a birthday gift. Joi spends his evenings gloriously gowned female attire. Can you imagine how surprised his co-workers at the auto plant would be?

Here’s a collection of highly vivid Female Mimics covers that span sixteen decades: