Get Excited About Marriage In Maryland (And Get Upset About Discrimination In Montana)

Exciting news across the union, everyone! In Maryland, the State Senate today debates the same-sex marriage bill that all those Democrats say they’ll support. Things like letting teachers (whose religious beliefs say gay marriage is a sin) refuse to tell students about it are among the amendments being heard. In Montana, State Rep. Kris Hansen’s bill to invalidate any local anti-discrimination ordinance that protects a class not included in the state’s anti-discrimination bill (read: LGBTs) has passed the House, sending it to the Senate. If passed, an initiative approved in Missoula that added “actual or perceived” sexual orientation and gender identity to protected classes in employment and housing would be struck down. In Hawaii, Gov. Neil Abercrombie will sign the civil unions bill into law. In Kentucky, a bill providing more protections to gay bullying victims is headed to the full House for a vote.