Get His Look: Robbie Rogers’ Summer Blues


When openly gay soccer stud Robbie Rogers isn’t out playing the field or promoting equality with his new motivational campaign, Beyond “It”, he can be found working on his fashion line, Halsey. A stylish man after our own hearts, Robbie seems particularly drawn to the color blue, in all of its many hues and shades. From shorts and slim-fitting trousers, to patterned shirts and that quintessentially American staple, the denim jacket — this California native has got a right to rock the blues. Here’s how you can score Robbie’s cerulean style.

Checkered Swimwear


Gant Rugger, $68

Patterned Button Down


J. Crew, $98

Solid Trousers


Halsey, $139.98

Denim Jacket


Levi’s, $108

Patterned Shorts


H&M, $29.95



Basco, $525

Photos: Robbie’s Instagram

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  • mgmchicago

    Robbie is wearing a 2-button blazer in the last photo. The longer V elongates the torso and looks very debonair, ala Cary Grant.
    The recommended blazer is a 3-button style, which visually shortens the torso and IMHO is very unattractive on most men.
    The only people who look good in this 3-button style are very tall basketball-player types – who have a long torso to begin with and may wish to visually shorten it for balance.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The jeans jacket is off, but the swim trunks are adorable. He’s cute.

  • Dixie Rect

    Not this guy again. These don’t even look professional, were these taken with an iPhone camera? Why is Queerty pushing this guy’s career and boring agenda?

  • JDJase

    @Dixie Rect: Queerty posts Robbie Rogers stories solely for the purpose of giving you something to complain about. Every Robbie Rogers story you manage to click on it and complain. How many more stories is it going to take before you get a clue and, oh, I dunno, skip over the story? Even a monkey would have figured that out by now.

  • JDJase

    @Dixie Rect: Also, duh the pictures of him look like iphone pictures because they’re his casual pictures from his instagram. They aren’t meant to be professional modeling pictures. Queerty simply posted pictures of him wearing his clothes next to the catalog photos of the clothing. It’s reeeeeeally sad that something like that has to be explained to you. (My apologies if you’re only 12 years old, you’re excused by then…and judging by your username you’re either an immature 12 year old, or a really shitty drag queen)

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