Formidable Moves

Get In Formation With This All-Male Beyonce Dance Cover

They did not come to play, they came to !

Nine black dancers came together to give you the only “Formation” dance cover you will ever need, and we’re gagging. Elle introduced us to the troupe, and choreographer Darell Turner, who assembled his talented pals Tyone Pompey, Anthony “Premier” Davis (choreographer), Karlos Clegg, Matthew Talley, Cornell Lydia, Elrody Martin, Marcus Isaiah Ball, and William Pinkney, says he sees the song as pro-gay as well as pro-black:

“As a proud homosexual African American man, I felt it was important to extinguish stereotypes in and outside of the dance world. There’s a misconception that all homosexual men are flamboyant and weak, so I consciously mixed feminine and masculine choreography together in this number.”

There’s definitely nothing weak about these moves, so get into them below. And if King Bey is listening — the wait for this new album is killing us! Bring it on.