Get Nailed

Cutie Kit

Okay. If you’re gonna’ get an infection, it may as well be from a great Friday night, and not from a manicure. Next time you head out to get those man-claws buffed out, bring your own tools. We love the Cutie Kit. It’s cheap, easy to carry, and, well, cute.

“Four years ago, after visiting her favorite nail salon, Cutie Kit co-creator Valerie Moizel-Hatton contracted a small infection from unsanitary salon tools. Within one month, her nail had fallen off. Rather than swear off manicures and pedicures, she started bringing her own set of tools to the salon. It wasn’t long afterward, during another nail appointment, that Valerie met Laurie Shiers, a young woman with a similar experience. They shared their stories, and the inspiration for Cutiekit was born”

Each kit comes with all the tools your technician will need to keep you prim and proper: nail clippers, a file, a buffer, toe separators (you paid too much for those flip-flops to have fugly feet) and a pumice sponge.

Think of it as a condom for your nails.