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Get ready for a homoerotic Dracula reboot featuring lots of bisexual bloodsucking

Dracula is getting a sexy homoerotic reboot in 2020.

The iconic vampire is being turned into a seductive bisexual bloodsucker for a new Netflix/BBC series.

Danish actor Claes Bang will play the title character and will devour both men and women alike.

According to screenwriter Mark Gatiss, “He’s got broad tastes, this Dracula. It’s not just a collection of sixties women with push-up bras this time. Dracula has never discriminative, in so far as he can tell the difference between the sexes. He goes for his food but also people who interest him.”

A teaser trailer for was just released. In it, Dracula can be seen gently caressing the face of a young man and cooing, “Try and stay calm, you’re doing very well.”

The series is scheduled the debut sometime early next year.


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