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Get ready for Pedro Almodóvar’s answer to ‘Brokeback Mountain’, a gay Western with a smokin’ cast

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Are queer cowboys having a moment? Not that we’re complaining! In fact, the announcement that Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar’s next project will be a gay Western has us feeling hotter than a two-dollar pistol!

In an exclusive interview with Indiewire, the celebrated auteur confirmed he’d be following up Parallel Mothers—the drama that earned Penélope Cruz a Best Actress Oscar nomination—with a 30-minute short called Strange Way Of Life, and he’s lined up a scorching-hot cast.

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Silver-screen daddy Ethan Hawke and The Mandalorian himself, Pedro Pascal, will star as two “middle-aged gunmen” who were friends in their youth that re-connect over mysterious circumstances. As Variety all-too-vaguely reports, the pair will “celebrate” their reunion and—yeehaw—the thought of that has sent our minds racing!

But what’s really got our chaps chapped is that Almodóvar has said this rare English-language film could be his “answer to Brokeback Mountain,” referencing the landmark gay Western from Ang Lee that went on to score a whopping eight Academy Award nominations.

As many film buffs know, Almodóvar was once considered to direct Brokeback Mountain, but the filmmaker ultimately passed because of one specific reason: He knew he wouldn’t be able to make it as explicit as he wanted.

Back in 2019, Almodóvar revealed to Vulture that his version of the classic cowboys-in-love narrative would’ve been more “animalistic,” which, oh my god! He continued, “My vision of that short tale was much more physical than it was in the movie. That’s what it’s about in the story—there’s something very animalistic about their love, they’re searching for warmth in each other, and it has that twist to it. I was sure that I couldn’t do it as physical as I wanted to.”

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There’s no sense in mourning what could’ve been because we’ll have Strange Way Of Life to drool over soon enough—and we encourage Almodóvar to make it as animalistic as he possible! The director has plans to begin filming soon, mounting the project before his first fully English-language feature, A Manual for Cleaning Women, with Cate Blanchett.

This man really does give the gays everything they want!

But wait, there’s more! In addition to veritable hunks Hawke and Pascal, Almodóvar has beefed up his cast with plenty of other hotties—like Jason Fernández, José Condessa, and George Steane—in supporting roles. And, as huge Elite fans, we’re perhaps most excited to see that the gorgeous Manu Ríos is part of the ensemble. Well, saddle us up and call us a horse!


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Putting a feather in the cowboy hat, the whole thing will by costumed by Saint Laurent, meaning these gunslingers will be slingin’ in style.

There’s no release date set for Strange Way Of Life yet, but we’re already ready to saddle up!

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