Get Serviced


Westsiders in LA will soon have a new place to get manicures, pedicures, and haircuts. It’s a salon exclusively for guys. And macho guys at that. Service Station Barber + Body is an uber-masculine salon and just like the name implies, the look and feel of the place will be Exxon meets 76 meets Mobile. We suspect it’ll probably end up looking more like a Bel Ami film set.

Says founder Scott “don’t call me metrosexual” Holmes:

For anything beyond a simple haircut, I was forced to be in a place designed primarily for women. This made me uncomfortable and I wasn’t the only one: I heard so many of these stories, that I set out to create a place men could receive great grooming services and personal attention in an environment designed specifically for us.

And by “us” we think he is actually referring to closet cases.

We hope Service Station keeps with the cool vintage 50’s look from the few pics on their site. After all, that is our favorite decade (think James Dean, Marilyn, and Singin’ in the Rain) and it’ll make us much more willing to give this place a shot.

There’s no firm opening date just yet. When we called we were given a vague response of “sometime mid-December” but they are taking appointments. We’re thinking of going in for a facial. If we like the way they handle our supple skin, we might come back for a haircut. But we don’t trust just anyone with our locks.