Get That Senate. Get It Good.


In a recent article from The New York Blade, gay activists ponder the ways that we -gays, not us – infiltrate the Senate with more gay friendly politicians (read: democrats). In it, political science professor Kenneth Sherill suggests taking a more aggressive stance:

It may be that we need someone to form our version of Swift Boat Veterans, and it may present a dilemma or a challenge to [LGBT] movement leaders to come up with our version of the Swift Boat Veterans.

He clarifies that we need not “distort,” but should work to highlight politician’s poor voting records. “You start running ads saying, ‘Did you know that Senator so-and-so voted to make it illegal to walk around the street holding hands?’”

That’s cool. Although, we’re all about equivocation, deception, and general trickery. What about an ad that says, “Did you know that Senator so-and-so likes to get fisted in the ass as hordes of preteens cum on his face and call him ‘shitty faggot mess’?”

Then again, it may attract the gay vote. And we wouldn’t want that, now would we…

Taking The Senate [The New York Blade]