Get Your AYDS Here!
We didn’t watch the Super Bowl last night. Instead, we thought we’d take some time to chat with our friend, New York-based club kid, fashion icon and all-around faggot, one-Half Nelson. Over the course of this chat, Nellie asked if we’d heard of the Ayds diet. Obviously we thought he was joking and had a guilty laugh. He clarified, “No. A-Y-D-S.”

Apparently some weight watchers developed the diet pill in the years before AIDS became a global nightmare (and still went by its original name, GRIDS). This here’s the video for the short-lived product. We love all the skinny white ladies talking about how they can’t get enough Ayds. It’s sick genius.

(For the record, the product stayed on the market until 1988, when its distributors decided to pull it from the shelves.)

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