Get Your Brokeback Fix in The Land of Mounties

brokeback alberta

Though Brokeback Mountain takes place in Wyoming, it was filmed in lovely, moose-filled Alberta, Canada so if you wanna’ recreate those old sheepherding scenes with that special someone, you gotta go North of the border. And they’ll be happy to take ya’.

Alberta’s Film Commission has taken out full-colour ads in industry bibles including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter congratulating those involved in Brokeback and pointing out that Alberta provided the backdrop for the story. At the annual Locations Expo in Los Angeles in April, the commission hopes to reel in even more production work capitalizing on Brokeback’s anticipated success at the Oscars.

Of course, our own Wyoming is benefiting from the gay tourism dollar as well, but why not spread the wealth to our neighbors to the North. You have to go there anyways if you want to truly do it right, and find that exact rocky stream where the boys ‘took to cleanin’ themselves.

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