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Get Your Own Celebrity Penis, Cate Blanchett Isn’t Really Wicked, Jesse Eisenberg Shaved It Off


Jesse Eisenberg has shorn those luscious curls, but it’s to play Superman’s arch-nemesis Lex Luthor so all is forgiven.


Which celebrity dick do you deserve? To find out, take this quick quiz. Queerty staffers answered the hard questions and got Jon Hamm and Channing Tatum, which are both correct answers.


If you need yet another reason to love the magnificent Cate Blanchett: You’ve likely seen the above video that appears to show the two-time Oscar winner shutting down a stupid interview question…well, check out the full, unedited video and you’ll see she was just in a very playful mood.

A gay couple has turned Meghan Trainor‘s pop hit “Dear Future Husband” into an optimistic anthem for hopeful gay dads everywhere. https://youtu.be/SGSE_XPF4_g

In the upcoming film adaptation of the long-running HBO hit Entourage, Ari Gold’s out and proud assistant Lloyd (played by the equally out and proud Rex Lee) is getting married! Expect cameos from Calvin Harris, Jessica Alba, Pharrell, George Takei, Armie Hammer, Tom Brady and Mark Wahlberg.


The truth is out there. Gillian Anderson, who has just signed on for another season of The X Files with costar David Duchovney, says’s she’s still looking for love and isn’t ruling out a same-sex romance.


Stonewall, Roland Emmerich‘s drama that chronicles the events that led to the landmark 1969 riots that helped launch the gay rights movement, will be released this fall. Expect lots of explosions.