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GetEqual Wants You to Watch this Video. But What’s The Point?

Get Equal’s video has a clear and simple message: #Evolvealready.

But this post isn’t to talk about this urgent, timely, and inspiring video. It’s to talk about you. Yes, you.

You, the Queerty reader, Internet prowler, the concerned, the angry, the sometime-activist have stumbled upon this post and this video and suddenly the seed of #Evolvealready is in your hands. You have the choice of being the political activist, even if for just a moment or a 1,000. You hop on twitter, you write @BarackObama a message and tell him why you think he should evolve already. You pass it along on Facebook, Twitter, X, Y and Z. More friends see it and tweet and retweet. And more and more and what once was a small idea called #Evolvealready is suddenly hundreds of thousands of Americans on a twitter revolution.

It’s like the seed of an idea, watch how it grows and grows… or perhaps you could say “evolves.”

Political activism is a curious creature. No doubt it gets a fair amount of both negative and positive criticism. But does it work? Will sharing this video or tweeting or writing or calling or protesting or any political activism help change Obama’s mind? Will it help us win marriage equality? Full equality? Does activism work?


As you know, when Star Trek was canceled after the second season,
it was the activism of the fans that revived it for a third season.

George Takei

So? Did you tweet at Obama yet?

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