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GetEQUAL’s San Francisco Treat For Nancy Pelosi

“Skyscraper Man” isn’t the only one turning San Francisco into his personal circus for a cause. GetEQUAL plans to shut down Market Street in the Castro as a symbolic way of protesting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocking attempts at passing ENDA or something. And it follows this little stunt for California Rep. George Miller. They should’ve done it last weekend, when all of gay media would’ve been on hand to cover it.

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  • AndrewW

    More childish behavior. None of these self-serving publicity stunts change anything – they just make us look stupid.

    Pelosi hasn’t scheduled a vote on ENDA because it will not pass the current US Senate. All these silly protests do is jeopardize our relationships with politicians that already support us. We are about to get clobbered in the mid-terms and GetEQUAL is simply making that worse by pissing on our friends.

  • JR

    GetEQUAL are a bunch of idiots. the end.

  • B

    If you have a technical background (science, engineering, mathematics) you’d read the signs as saying “get if and only if qual” due to the meaning of a mathematical symbol consisting of
    three horizontal lines of equal width stacked vertically.

  • Fitz

    @AndrewW: no no no, you don’t get to blame uppity gays for the clobbering the that democrats have coming to them. They are going to get clobbered because they abandoned their people, not because their people abandoned them.

  • Mike

    AndrewW better watch out! Robin McGehee is offering a $500 reward for anyone who can reveal his true identity!

  • AndrewW

    @Mike: Wow. A $500 reward?

    Recently Robin McGehee has said the Democrats don’t get any more money until the show us some “results.” She’s now done the same by offering “prize money” to “out” me.

    Well, this logic applies to her Organization, too. We’ll donate when you have some results GetEQUAL. In fact, I’ll pay a $50,000 reward to anyone can provide evidence that GetEQUAL has accomplished anything positive while wasting $1 million in the last year.

    There is mounting evidence that GetEQUAL has hurt our community and our relationship with allies. We don’t need well-paid drama-queens seeking attention, we need results. Real, sustainable results.

  • Mike

    @AndrewW: Very much agree. But do watch out for her. She’s got a hard on for you. You aren’t the first person she’s attempted to destroy, I know.

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