Ghana Promises To Make Homosexuality “A Thing Of The Past”

In an interview with the Accra Mail a spokesman for Ghana’s Education Ministry said he was confident the country’s new sex-education campaign would end homosexuality.

Um, ex-cuse us?

According to Pink News, public relations officer Paul Krampah was discussing how the ministry has been training teachers to educate students about sexual abuse, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. “We are very optimistic that things will change and the incidence of homosexuality in the country will be a thing of the past.”

Forget that warning people about unsafe behavior won’t change their orientation—the fact is the majority of HIV cases in Africa are among heterosexuals. Is the education ministry going to figure out how to get people to stop being straight?

Ghana seems to have a real problem understanding human sexuality: Earlier this year the deputy director of the Education Service said that homosexuality “started with single-sex schools.” And over the summer,  a Ghanese bureaucrat ordered the arrest of all gays and lesbians in the country’s Western Region.

So single-sex quarters leads to homosexuality and you want to put suspected gays in jail?

Oh boy.

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  • JohnAGJ

    Yeah, because it worked so stupendously well in Iran. /sarc

  • EdWoody

    It boggles the mind that human beings can be so astonishingly stupid.

  • Dan

    The government of Ghana is undeniably guilty of genocide and should be dealt with as such.

  • Dan Cobb

    You write: “Ghana seems to have a real problem understanding human sexuality”.

    From the continent that has given the world so much, like… um, well, like,….
    hmmm. Got me on that one. Drums, maybe?

  • Joetx

    @EdWoody: +1

  • Steven Prempeh

    Ok, I’ve lived in Ghana before, there are homosexuals and they aren’t as vilified as some of these articles make it seem.

    Homosexuality and actually any forms of sexuality and intercourse typically remains undiscussed. There are some gay men who live their life openly.

    I’m not an authority on the subject but I’d say that this could just be a local buffoon spouting nonsense.

    Also Dan Avery, would it be too much to put some effort into your articles? There is no such thing as a Ghanese- its GHANAIAN

  • Kev C

    If all their foreign aid money disappears, and all their tourism money disappears, Ghana could become a thing of the past.

  • Kev C

    @AB: Huh?

    Homophobia is the irrational fear of homosexuals. Let me explain what that means:

    Let’s say you have an irrational fear of alcohol and becoming an alcoholic. So you throw away all of your booze, avoid going to bars, and prohibit drinking in society because you can’t trust yourself with alcohol and becoming an alcoholic.

    Now replace the word “alcohol” with “homosexuality”.

  • jon

    Why is everyone on this planet so dumb?? The second we started farming we were involved in things WAYYYYYYYY over our heads.

  • Snownova

    The continent of Africa makes me so sad for humanity. The entire continent hasn’t contributed anything but raw materials to the human species since the fall of the Pharaohs, and if you limit it to sub-sahara africa it hasn’t contributed anything of cultural or intellectual significance since man decided to walk upright somewhere down there.

    I say build a wall across the Sinai desert, blockade all ships and just let them stew in their own shit for a century or two until they figure out how to take care of themselves.

  • John

    Ghana is an economic success story of Africa, and has a developing mining industry with a large amount of international investment going in there. I don’t think it’s right to paint them with the same brush as the rest of Africa.

  • Steven Prempeh

    Snownova, you’re a myopic, asinine moron.

  • B

    Let me make a “modest proposal.”

    1. Ghana should institute a national “pray away the gay” day – a one-time event.

    2. After said day, since no believer should question the efficacy of prayer, any accusations of homosexuality will be treated as false accusations with the usual penalties.

    3. The government declares victory due to divine intervention and shuts down all operations targeting gays, as those operations are no longer necessary.

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